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MEEK NEST x IWI NAILS: Ānuenue (Rainbow) Raindrops [Keiki/Kids]

MEEK NEST x IWI NAILS: Ānuenue (Rainbow) Raindrops [Keiki/Kids]

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Although rainbows are a common sight in Hawaii, we are amazed each time we see one. Rainbows remind us to pause and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us: the nourishing rain, the warm sun, and endless colors in nature. Rainbows always inspire us to make art and venture outdoors.

We hope your keiki enjoy wearing these rainbows as they create and explore.

Get a quick and long lasting ʻāina-ful manicure with these gel nail strips. Unlike typical nail strips, you cure these after application for a manicure that lasts 3-4 weeks when applied correctly.

We do our best to photograph the nail strips to capture the true color, but color online may vary slightly from actual color. Nonetheless, the best representation of the nail colors are the photos of the actual strips on our site (sticker on the box is not an accurate color representation). To get the best idea of the true color, focus on the photos of the actual strips. Mahalo!

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