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Kahua Aina

Kahua Aina: Akiapolaau Uluna

Kahua Aina: Akiapolaau Uluna

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ʻAkiapōlāʻau or Hawaiian honeycreeper are endemic to the island of Hawaiʻi. They are yellow and olive in color and have a very specific bill that separates them from other native honeycreepers. Their stout lower bill is used similarly to a woodpecker and pecks into trees to locate insects and larvae. Once found, they use their long slender upper bill to retrieve their well deserved meal. Although they are mainly insectivorous, they also are known to drink nectar from flowers that resemble the curve of their bill as well like the native ōhā wai. ʻAkiapōlāʻau are highly susceptible to mosquito born diseases and live in dry and wet forest above 4,000 feet consisting mainly of native species such as koa and ʻohiʻa.

The ʻAkiapōlāʻau Uluna measures 12” long and is made with 100% organic cotton and stuffed with hypoallergenic eco-friendly recycled polyester fibers. All sales final.

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