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Kahua Aina

Kahua Aina: Blackburns Sphinx Moth

Kahua Aina: Blackburns Sphinx Moth

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Our Nā ‘Ōka’i line is finally available online! Featuring some of our beautiful native moths and butterflies. If you’ve followed our process with this line, you’ll know that this was never supposed to be pillows! In fact, the original design of our Nā ‘Ōka’i line was to be a circle towel. But alas, mistakes happen and we found ourselves with misprinted towels that were unsellable. So we put our thinking caps on and found a great way to recycle this beautiful fabric while still being able to showcase this line to all of you!

Please note that once these uluna sell out, there will be zero chance of bringing them back again. These uluna are all hand made and a few of them are NUI! Which works out great for those requesting body pillows!

The Blackburns Sphinx Moth Uluna measures 18” long and is made with a microfiber top fabric and 100% organic cotton Nā ‘Ōka’i printed bottom fabric and stuffed with hypoallergenic eco-friendly recycled polyester fibers.

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