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Kahua Aina

Kahua Aina: Apapane Uluna

Kahua Aina: Apapane Uluna

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ʻApapane or the Hawaiian crimson honeycreeper, is the most abundant native forest bird in Hawaiʻi, being found on all major Hawaiian islands. The ʻapapane, like it’s cousin the ʻiʻiwi, was known in olden times for its beautiful red feathers that would be carefully gathered and woven into garment pieces for aliʻi. ʻApapane drink nectar from native plants such as ʻohiʻa lehua and have also been known to feed on non native species as well. ʻApapane have been spotted lower and lower in forest lines so there is hope that this species of honeycreeper is learning to naturally fight off mosquito-borne diseases.

The ‘Apapane Uluna measures 12” long and is made with 100% organic cotton and stuffed with hypoallergenic eco-friendly recycled polyester fibers.

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