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Iwi Nails

ʻOno & ʻAwa x Iwi Nails: Keiki o ka ʻĀina (Keiki/Kids)

ʻOno & ʻAwa x Iwi Nails: Keiki o ka ʻĀina (Keiki/Kids)

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These strips are for those keiki who love to get their hands dirty playing or working in the ʻāina (land) but also love to get dolled up for pāʻina (parties). With bright colors, silver sparkle, and ʻOno & ʻAwa's Keiki o ka ʻĀina print, these strips are fun and unique!

No more trying to trim our original Iwi Nails to fit your mini - now they have Iwi Nails of their own! Our keiki strips are designed with keiki 7-12 in mind, but older keiki (even adults) and younger keiki have used them. We find that they fit ages 7-12 best, but can be adjusted to other ages.

We do find that they don't last as long on toddlers due to playing with them/peeling them off!

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